Swimbest™ Baby Wetsuit & Nappy Set

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Introducing out first Swimbest swim set, combing our two best selling products to save you money! 

Our SwimBest baby wetsuit is designed to ensure that little ones stay warm and safe in the swimming pool. The 2 mm thick neoprene enables you to achieve the perfect snug fit every time and providing a feeling of safety and security for your baby. The Baby Wetsuit opens flat for easy putting on and taking off, as well as making it easy for changing your baby's nappy,  The wetsuit also allows for freedom of movement and the neoprene offer both flexibility and warmth, leaving the arms and legs free to have a splashing good time. When worn outdoors, the Baby Wetsuit offers 100% UV protection on all covered areas. It also provides additional grip for mum and dad, giving peace of mind when carrying baby on poolside or in the water.

The SwimBest Swim Nappy / Shorts are designed for both girls & boys. They are designed to keep the little accidents in, with longer legs and higher waistbands combined with a soft thick band of lycra that’s sits around the top of legs and waist on your baby. A snug fit is recommended for full effect. They can be worn on their own but for ease of cleaning we recommend using them with a liner or disposable swim nappy. 

** Please see size guide image for getting a great fit. Ages are an approximate guide**


  • Perfect matching set to use in your baby swimming lessons or for just having a splashing fun time together in water.

  • The Wetsuit Opens out flat for ease of changing with soft velcro on the side, shoulders and nappy area helping to adjust for a good fit.

  • Cost effective teamed with a matching swim nappy to which will help keep the little solid accidents from leaking into the pool.

  • Helps keep your child warm and feeling snug and providing a feeling of safety and security The nature of the fabric will help you to hold on to a wet slippery child.

  • Please chose the baby wetsuit by age and nappy size by weight with help from the size guide. Go up a size in the nappy if in-between weight.