Swim Jacket Safety Info

If wearing any buoyancy product for an extended period of time, in order to
prevent chlorine/salt water from potentially irritating skin, we recommend
wearing a rash guard or swimming costume underneath. This is particularly in
regards to children with sensitive skin.

Our buoyancy products are designed to assist in learning to swim. They will
gently tilt the wearer forward into a swimming position, to enable swimming
progression. When using the jacket for the first time, we do recommend holding the wearers hands and to provide support where needed, until the wearer
becomes used to the type of buoyancy provided.

The wearer should be encouraged to kick their legs and use their arms to
balance and propel themselves in the water.

1) Buoyancy aid's to swimming are designed to supplement a natural buoyancy not simply keep the wearer afloat.

2) They are not a life preserver and are not guaranteed to
prevent drowning.

3) Children must be supervised by a competent care giver at all
times whilst in the water.

We have ensured that our buoyancy products have been tested independently and approved to the latest UKCA and EU safety standard: EN13138-1 and accordingly are marked with UKCA & CE.