Swimming Tips!

At Swimbest our aim is to offer great swimming products at exceptional prices. With no compromise on quality and a service that is second to none complete customer satisfaction is everything to us.


Since launching our Swimbest swim jacket in 2011 we have added our ‘easy on’ Baby Wetsuits, our best-selling plush lined all over ‘Warming’ Wetsuit  and our neoprene swim shorts which have become an essential item in the baby swimming kit bag. Our bundle offers have proven hugely popular offering a solution to baby swimming and being great value for money. We are always looking at new designs and new products to help make swimming fun and affordable for all.


Swimming with your baby is a fun and exciting way to gain confidence in the water and bond together.

You can swim on your own or take part in structured baby swimming lessons either way, getting in the water and having fun is the main objective when they are just starting out. Water confidence in young children comes from learning to not be afraid of the water and learning how to play safely and learn to swim in it.

Baby Swimming has come such a long way in its development, that there are lots of things you can buy to make it more enjoyable for all. However, here is some advice on the main items you will need to take your baby swimming;

Baby Swim Nappy - these are mandatory in all swimming pools whether disposable or re-usable.

Neoprene Swim Nappy - these are primarily designed to be worn over the top of a normal swim nappy. It works as an extra layer to prevent any of their little accidents escaping. These are fast becoming mandatory with baby swim schools. Closures of a pool or lesson can be very costly, so they like to further reduce the risk of contaminated water by insisting on a Neoprene Swim Nappy. Please note, that the SwimBest's Neoprene Swim Nappies / Shorts can be worn on their own but we do recommend another swim nappy underneath for ease of cleaning.

Baby Wetsuit - All pools should be a certain temperature for swimming however babies feel the cold so much more then adults. To make it a more pleasant and enjoyable time, many parents are now opting for these cute little wetsuit's to help keep their baby warm and be able to stay longer in the pool.

Towel - a nice big one to wrap around a very tired baby after swimming!

Staying hydrated and keeping energised -  Your baby will be very hungry and thirsty after swimming, so a nice drink or prepared milk is essential. Don't be afraid to breastfeed your baby at the swimming pool.

Change of clothes - Don't forget a normal nappy! we say this from experience from forgetting to bring a normal nappy for after the swimming lesson. After swimming it can be very cold in the changing room so a a warm, dry set of clothes is essential.


Happy Swimming from us all at SwimBest™