SwimBest™ Swim Jacket with Safety Strap

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  • FUN AND SAFE: Our original and best selling swim jacket comes with a fully adjustable safety strap that adds an extra layer of security while they're splashing around. Give your little swimmer that boost of confidence they need. Learning to swim should be fun after all!
  • ADJUSTABLE BUOYANCY: 8 soft, flexible, removable foam floats, gives your children just the right amount of buoyancy to help teach them to swim confidently. Keeping the arms free for learning correct swimming strokes. The foam floats may be removed (in pairs) as skills develop and confidence grows. 
  • SWIM IN STYLE, SWIM IN POSITION: Swimbest Jackets are designed to encourage the correct position for learning to swim, with a little help from adult supervision of course, they'll be swimming like pros in no time.
  • QUALITY  GUARANTEED : Made from surfer style supple neoprene, with UV protection on covered areas , it gives you peace of mind. Whether they're just dipping their toes or ready to take on the big waves, our swim jacket has them covered. Soft and comfortable at a great price! Unsure what size to choose? Check out our size guide in the images.
  • TESTED AND TRUSTED: We've put our swim jacket through the wringer – independently tested and approved to meet the latest safety standards of EN13138-1. Dive in with confidence knowing your little swimmer is in good hands.

NEW! SwimBest Swim Jackets now come with an adjustable strap that sits comfortably between the legs for added security.

The Swimbest Swim Jackets are designed to enable children to enjoy water while learning to swim. By concentrating buoyancy around the chest area, the jackets It allows the wearer to maintain the correct swimming position, whilst allowing free arm and leg movements. The innovative removeable 8 foam float system allows buoyancy level customisation as swimming skills progress. SwimBest jackets complement swimming lessons by providing a safe practice environment, helping children learn to swim correctly, and promoting independent swimming.

Made from durable neoprene, the jackets offer both support and sun protection. As well as helping children keep warm. Great for pools, beaches, seas and lakes.

It's advised to choose a snug fit, referring to the size guide based on chest measurements and weight. Remember, age suggestions are approximate, and opting for a larger size is recommended when uncertain.

Please never leave your child unattended/unsupervised in and around water. Like any swimming floatation device, this is not a Life Jacket and does not prevent drowning, it is a designed to enhance the wearers natural buoyancy while swimming or learning to swim.

    If wearing any buoyancy product for an extended period of time, in order to
    prevent chlorine/salt water from potentially irritating skin, we recommend
    wearing a rash guard or swimming costume underneath. This is particularly in
    regards to children with sensitive skin.

    Our buoyancy products are designed to assist in learning to swim. They will
    gently tilt the wearer forward into a swimming position, to enable swimming
    progression. When using the jacket for the first time, we do recommend holding the wearers hands and to provide support where needed, until the wearer
    becomes used to the type of buoyancy provided.

    The wearer should be encouraged to kick their legs and use their arms to
    balance and propel themselves in the water.

    1) Buoyancy aid's to swimming are designed to supplement a natural buoyancy not simply keep the wearer afloat.

    2) They are not a life preserver and are not guaranteed to
    prevent drowning.

    3) Children must be supervised by a competent care giver at all
    times whilst in the water.

    We have ensured that our buoyancy products have been tested independently and approved to the latest UKCA and EU safety standard: EN13138-1 and accordingly are marked with UKCA & CE.