Swimbest Baby Wetsuit with a FREE Swim Nappy!

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  • Adjustable side, shoulder straps and crotch straps.

  • Opens completely flat for ease of changing.

  • Made from super soft 2 mm thick neoprene for warmth.

  • The soft neoprene provides you with fantastic grip when holding your child in the water.

  • Designed to accommodate a Swim Nappy and Neoprene nappy

  • Great quality at a great price


Our SwimBest baby wetsuit is designed to ensure that little ones stay warm and safe in the swimming pool. The 2 mm thick neoprene enables you to achieve the perfect snug fit every time and providing a feeling of safety and security for your baby. The Baby Wetsuit opens flat for easy putting on and taking off, as well as making it easy for changing your baby's nappy,  The wetsuit also allows for freedom of movement and the neoprene offer both flexibility and warmth, leaving the arms and legs free to have a splashing good time. When worn outdoors, the Baby Wetsuit offers 100% UV protection on all covered areas. It also provides additional grip for mum and dad, giving peace of mind when carrying baby on poolside or in the water.

The SwimBest Swim Nappy / Shorts are designed for both girls & boys. They are designed to keep the little accidents in, with longer legs and higher waistbands combined with a soft thick band of lycra that’s sits around the top of legs and waist on your baby. A snug fit is recommended for full effect. They can be worn on their own but for ease of cleaning we recommend using them with a liner or disposable swim nappy. 

** Please see size guide image for getting a great fit. Ages are an approximate guide**


SwimBest swim jackets are designed to allow your child to enjoy the water and help with learning to swim. The jacket positions the buoyancy around the child's chest which is where the natural buoyancy is and it helps keep them afloat. This type of floatation and support gives your little one’s freedom to use their arms and legs which helps maintain the forwards swimming position. This in turn helps with learning and practicing the correct swimming strokes without the restrictions that other floatation devices such as arm bands might give.

The SwimBest swim jacket provides this extra support via its 8 foam float adjustable buoyancy system. Floats can be removed as the wearers ability to swim progresses or if more buoyancy is needed in on location such as practicing back stroke.

Using a SwimBest swim jacket is a great way to supplement swimming lessons. Kids learn a lot in class but then they do need time to practice. Being able to practice without being worried about staying afloat helps kids learn to swim correctly faster, eventually giving your child the freedom to swim unassisted.

They’re fantastic for use on holidays too, even for those able to swim as a SwimBest float jacket helps if the wearer isn’t the strongest swimmer or gets tired, quite apart from the peace of mind it gives mum and dad in and around a busy pool. This, of course, takes nothing away from the need to maintain constant supervision.

Our jackets are made using excellent quality, soft and durable neoprene. They can also help keep the wearer warm as well as providing 50+ UV sun protection on areas of the body that jacket covers. Perfect for those sunny (or windy) beach days.

We do strongly recommend a snug fit as this stops the jacket riding up and gives the wearer maximum support when in the water. So please consult carefully the size guide provided.

Please never leave your child unattended in and around water. Like any swimming floatation device, this is not a Life Jacket that prevents drowning, it is a designed to enhance the wearers natural buoyancy while swimming or learning to swim.

We do highly recommend measuring the largest part of your child's chest (or upper part of the tummy for our smaller swimmers) and order via chest size and weight. The age recommendation is approximate and for guidance only.

If your child is on the limit of a size, or in-between sizes, we recommend choosing the next size up.

If wearing any buoyancy product for an extended period of time, in order to
prevent chlorine/salt water from potentially irritating skin, we recommend
wearing a rash guard or swimming costume underneath. This is particularly in
regards to children with sensitive skin.

Our buoyancy products are designed to assist in learning to swim. They will
gently tilt the wearer forward into a swimming position, to enable swimming
progression. When using the jacket for the first time, we do recommend holding the wearers hands and to provide support where needed, until the wearer
becomes used to the type of buoyancy provided.

The wearer should be encouraged to kick their legs and use their arms to
balance and propel themselves in the water.

1) Buoyancy aid's to swimming are designed to supplement a natural buoyancy not simply keep the wearer afloat.

2) They are not a life preserver and are not guaranteed to
prevent drowning.

3) Children must be supervised by a competent care giver at all
times whilst in the water.

We have ensured that our buoyancy products have been tested independently and approved to the latest UKCA and EU safety standard: EN13138-1 and accordingly are marked with UKCA & CE.