Baby Wetsuit Additional Information

Great quality at exceptional Prices: SwimBest's™ Baby Wetsuit helps keep babies warmer in the water for longer.

Velcro fasteners on the side, shoulders and under nappy area make getting on and off easy and give some growing room too! A snug fit is ideal as it ensures a warmer baby. A warmer baby is a happier baby.

Our ‘Easy On’ Baby Wetsuit design opens completely flat for ease of getting your baby dressed and undressed. Perfect for use in baby swimming lessons. With baby swim classes costing so much keeping baby content is essential .

The hugging nature of the material may also be off benefit to babies who feel fretful in a large open space swimming pools.  The super soft flexible neoprene also helps Mum and Dad keep a hold on their slippery little bundle.

** Please see size guide image for getting a great fit. Ages are an approximate guide**