Strapped Swim Jacket Additional Info

NEW! SwimBest Swim Jackets now come with an adjustable strap that sits comfortably between the legs for added security.

The Swimbest Swim Jackets are designed to enable children to enjoy water while learning to swim. By concentrating buoyancy around the chest area, the jackets It allows the wearer to maintain the correct swimming position, whilst allowing free arm and leg movements. The innovative removeable 8 foam float system allows buoyancy level customisation as swimming skills progress. SwimBest jackets complement swimming lessons by providing a safe practice environment, helping children learn to swim correctly, and promoting independent swimming.

Made from durable neoprene, the jackets offer both support and sun protection. As well as helping children keep warm. Great for pools, beaches, seas and lakes.

It's advised to choose a snug fit, referring to the size guide based on chest measurements and weight. Remember, age suggestions are approximate, and opting for a larger size is recommended when uncertain.

Please never leave your child unattended/unsupervised in and around water. Like any swimming floatation device, this is not a Life Jacket and does not prevent drowning, it is a designed to enhance the wearers natural buoyancy while swimming or learning to swim.